seven color tile

Seven-color  tile is a type of tile that has been used to decorate religious places in the past. And the best example is the seven-color tiles that used in Nasir Al-Molk mosque (pink mosque), the world-famous palace. In making seven-color tiles, there is both art and craft, and the master in this craft is considered an artist and craftsman.

Tile and paint production materials.


The first and most important element of tile production is clay. The first stage for making tiles is preparing clay. Tile production workshops in Shiraz provided the clay they needed from the mines in and around Shiraz

Tile molds and shapes
Seven-color tiles could be seen in different shapes and forms in Shiraz buildings.

Seven color tiles is built in 20*20 and  In its construction, clay tiles, square tiles, are first made, glazed and baked.

Color and method of making glaze paints.

Main different between the seven-color tile from other tiles is the colors used in its construction, which are made in the form of glaze.

Oxidized metal powders play a major role in the painting of seven-color tiles. The most important metals whose oxides are used to make glazes are tin, lead, gold, copper, silver, iron, zinc and manganese.